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Omen Searcher are a Rock band, creating and playing original songs and music.  

With a background in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Omen Searcher have developed into an accomplished rock band with an array of guitar based songs which demonstrate various facets.

From power to sensitivity, driving rhythms to adroit softness, raging licks and subtle tones, always with a tune and thoughtful lyric.


Well Well, you lucky people, they have only gone and started recording the next album......That's right Started!


Gary has laid down 5 drum tracks so far (with the usual racket in the background....screaching guitar to name but one) and will be continuing in the near future, poor sod has come down with an epic case of man flu, he's barely alive you know.


The band are really excited and are promising not to take as long as last time about getting a final product together.


See you soon.


**Just read the below post.....oops, they are a lazy bunch of layabouts**



The band are about to start recording their second album, recording over summer and hopefully mixing and mastering over Christmas in time for the new year.


BROFEST #4 was a resounding success and it was great to meet fans from all over the world. Looking forward to more gigs soon. Thanks all who made the trip to Newcastle. Hope to see you next year.


Gig News:

Next Gig is at the infamous 'BROFEST' Newcastle Uni - we are playing at 15:30 on the Sunday


Gig News:

Omen Searcher are playing their first gig in what seems like forever at the

Blessington Carriage, Derby on Saturday the 13th June 2015. 8pm, free entry and bar until midnight.



Some News at last, you'll all be glad to hear that our debut album has now been released and is available to buy. It is called 'First Contact' and details are on the media page. If you would like a copy please contact us via the site. We are working on getting making it availalbe through iTunes as well.



Well we don't have much news at the moment but enough to say that we are currently putting the finishing touches to our debut album.


Yes, that's right, after all these years we have finally got together and recorded an album! Al had been hard at work on the lyrics.....if he ever finishes them. Hiley and Dobbo doing what they do best all with the backing of our new drummer Gary. Big solid sound. Can't wait to release it properly and hope you all enjoy.


There will be gig's up and coming and they will all be posted here, lets hope 2013-2014 is a good'un.