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Tales of Dr Olivetti? What’s that all about? Well it’s stories, strange, bizarre and sometimes funny which have happened to us over the years remembered mainly by Chris. He always drove the van so he was the only one sober enough to remember anything, so we called him “Dr. Olivetti” amongst other things!



Smoke bomb


Smoke bombs were always an integral part of our stage shows. So having bought a box full of them, “we’d better test one, see what happens”. So in the small practice room, one was duly ‘detonated’ A small strand of yellow smoke began to rise, and a sense of disappointment hung around the room...is that it? But we had underestimated the yellow peril!


Very soon four lads were enveloped in yellow smoke. Very soon the the whole room was enveloped in yellow smoke. Very soon, not only yellow smoke but panic had filled the room. “Open the bloody window”. “Where is the bloody window?”


The window was located and opened, the smoke “billowed forth”. As the smoke dispersed, it was noticed that some of our clothing had become slightly discoloured. Our practice room at the time, just happened to overlook  Derby  ’s main Police station. Within minutes there was a knock on the practice room door. We all wondered who this could be? It was here, that the boys in blue came face to face with the boys in yellow! ...

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