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Alastair Boden  - Singer and Lyricist

Al has a vocal background in choral music developing skills and techniques as a chorister over a five year period

He was driven to forming bands in his teenage years while still at school acting as a rudimentary guitarist whose grounding was strumming and singing Neil Young songs. Alastair had always written lyrics and even with basic guitar skills, was soon writing his own songs.

On meeting up with Chris Hiley, they decided, inevitably, to form a band and garnered other members from various corners of very various hostelries. Singers came and went until Alastair hung up his guitar and said, it’s my turn now. Along with Bob Beebe and Andy Dobson Omen Searcher was created. He has sung with

Omen Searcher ever since.

Alastair’s taste in music is wide and varied. He is a keen on listening to classical music these days but occasionally relapses to Purple, Dream Theater, Dio and Zeppelin!

Alastair uses Shure microphones. Sennheiser monitoring and Bose amplification.



Chris Hiley  - Guitarist and Songwriter

Chris draws his influences from a wide range of Guitarists and Guitar based bands, spanning several decades, mainly from the Rock fraternity. A lot of the songs are written in a loud and heavy vein. As one of the founder members he designed the bands logo which is based on a Gothic Compass idea that arose when Alastair first thought of the bands name.

Chris uses Gibson Les Paul Standard, Kramer Strat, Epiphone SG twin neck, Yamaha acoustic and Peavey Deuce valve combo.



Andy Dobson  -  Bassist and Songwriter

Phone rings “Hi, it’s Chris. We need a singer and a bass player for our band. Do you want to sing or play Bass Guitar?” Quick decision, I can’t sing, I can’t play bass. Bass guitars? They only have four strings, how hard can it be?  “I’ll play bass!” I said.


So there I was, standing in a barn surrounded by rusting farm implements, hens, and what’s that in the corner? I dread to think! Playing the three notes I needed to know, there’s a maniac behind a Chad Valley drum kit and two duelling, long haired guitarist trying to out do each other with two note guitar solos! But as far as I was concerned, it was brilliant.

Andy uses Fender Precision, Gibson SG, Ibanez GSR200 and Tanglewood acoustic guitars with a Laney G4 Combo Amp or Roland Cube.



Gary Robinson - Drums and Percussion

Gary is a recent addition to the band and has a pedigree in the Motor trade so hitting anything he can reach isn't too far from his heart.

We generally leave him flailing about at the back and hope he doesn't speed up too much........like most drummers.

Gary uses Mapex Drums and Sabian Cymbals with Tama Iron Cobras and Vic Firth Sticks. Toca hand percussion